The Retina Surgery Centre is an ophthalmology practice that focuses on the subspecialty of vitreoretinal surgery. This involves the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the vitreous (the gel that fills the back of the eye), retina (the light- sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye) and the macula (the centre part of the retina that facilitates reading vision).

Many disease processes affect these parts of the eye in different ways. At the Retina Surgery Centre, it is our passion and commitment to care for patients with vitreoretinal diseases.


  • Retinal Operations
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Diabetic Eye Disease
  • Macular Hole Surgery
  • Epiretinal Membrane or Macular Pucker
  • Cataract Surgery and Intraocular Lens Related Complications
  • Vitreous Haemorrhage
  • Floaters in the Vitreous
  • Internal Ocular Infection
  • Revision Surgery
  • Scleral Buckling Surgery
  • Cataract Surgery
  • In-Office Procedures
  • Retinal Laser Treatments
  • Intraocular injections